In this country we have been so rightly accused of being very tolerant to mediocrity. And whilst we would like to stand up with placards and declare this untrue, a common hashtag that follows any mal-happening both verbal and written is #accept-and-move-on.

It is claimed that we are socialized this way – to not speak up and demand what is due to us, and to humbly accept that we cannot change the status quo. If this is so, and we claim to want to be the first world of Africa, how will we influence service delivery from service providers, if we the consumers do not rise up and demand our service rights?

Well – I was pleasantly surprised last week when the leadership at Coptic Hospital sent me evidence of their having mapped out the patient journey complete with visual guide to communicate with customers and guide their steps. This visual is place in customer contact areas to have their patients know and understand what to expect. I was blown away!

That they responded in the first place to my comment on social media was great. That they took the feedback positively and committed to do something about it and get back to me was even greater. That they delivered on their promise was startling. Startling in a very delightful way. So used are we to empty promises that when one honours their word – it absolutely thrills us.

And so yes – I am thrilled. That this Hospital has customer centricity right where it belongs – being steered from the top and that customer feedback governs their decision making. Hats off to the Coptic Team. I am duly impressed. You have converted me from a complaining customer into an ambassador.

I have many engagements that have me speak about Customer Service do’s and don’ts as well as engagements that have me input into many an organization’s customer service strategy. The response to customer feedback by Coptic has wormed and warmed its way high up the ladder of examples that I will elucidate.

Well Done Dr. Francis and Team! I acknowledge you all.