We had a discussion this past Sunday with a colleague about Fire. A speaker had been talking about Fire being a good thing, something that flares up and causes one to rise up and be moved. And that when there’s Fire, there’s no peace and no peace creates action action action. He asserted that the Fires that we’ve experienced in our lives, shape us, mould us, make us and prepare us to fight and conquer even bigger Fires to come.
My colleague’s take on the matter was that Fire is destruction. Fire burns, brings down things, and causes devastation. And that even in the days of old, Fire was used to wipe out undesired elements, people, cities and generations.
So my question today is – what is Fire? Is Fire a good thing or a bad thing? Or does it all depend on how you look at it and what lenses you see it through?
Fire could be that stirring flame in your belly that burns and galvanizes you into action. It could be that Fiery passion that spins your soul and makes you unstoppable in your quest to follow your dreams.
Fire could also be an angry burning. One that makes one take up sword against a neighbour to avenge a wrong. Fire could be danger, a burning barricade that stands in the way, preventing one from rushing head-first into their doom. A Fire circle placed around a camp of pitched tents in the wilderness, keeps the danger of wild animals away at night. Fire too causes transformation. From the hunger of wild brush and raw meat, to the spit of roasting barbeque and potted vegetable.
Is it Fire burning in our hearts that has one stand up against one’s enemy? Fire that wouldn’t let peace be until that injustice is put down?
I steal this phrase when I say the 20th Century Kenyan Philosopher Juliani  in his famous piece Utawala says Niko Tayari Kulipa Garama – Sitasimama Maovu Yakitawala’ – ‘ I am ready to pay the price, I will not stand by as evil reigns’ Is this his Fire?
What’s your Fire? Whether in evil or good stance, what’s your Fire? What is it that burns hard for you, making you not go down that route that you know without a doubt is going to burn you into tiny charred flakes? Or what is it that burns within you, lighting up that flame that gives you light and hope and sizzles up the desire to make a difference in the best way you know how?

Feel the Fire! And whatever message it burns and brands you with – Follow It. And Follow it NOW!