About Me

I am an ardent and passionate brand, marketing and customer service practitioner with over 15 years experience in the areas of business development, marketing, branding, public relations, customer service, corporate communications and corporate social responsibility programmes.

I am moved touched and inspired by people from all walks of life. People are fascinating. Their thoughts, activities, ideas, hopes, dreams, drivers and ways of being.

I love to get into people’s lives, walk in their shoes, see through their eyes and tap into their motivation for their various actions. I have the vision to transform the customer service standards in this country.

I see Kenyans rising up to demand for their rights as consumers and I also see Kenyan suppliers rising up to this demand to court their customers as the driver of business.

I am a seasoned public speaker, master of ceremonies and facilitator with a track record for crowd engagement, smooth programme facilitation and seamless event flow as well a mentor and life coach.