As I put thoughts into words, I think to myself just how many times I have toyed with the idea of documenting my views on matters customer service, branding and communication. Having been in the service industry for many a year I find that I am always on auto pilot, looking at situations, happenings, incidents and interactions through a teacher’s lens. Yes, right in here lives a teacher, seemingly desperate to have her voice heard, much to the chagrin of my family and friends as I swing into ‘lecture’ mode and give that service person, be they in the supermarket, gas station, restaurant, reception desk or on phone, my two cents about their service delivery and what exactly it is they could do to up their game. The same applies when exceptional service is delivered and ‘teacher dearest’ emerges, thankfully this time to acknowledge and say ‘well done!’ to the ‘student’

So to save the people in my life from further mortification, and also to save myself from the possibility of loneliness as my folk disperse faster than tray tossed chaff from wheat at the first signs of Teacher Dearest’s usually spontaneous appearance, this blog is an attempt to reign in that wayward teaching gene and channel her( are genes gender sensitive?)into some structured output.

Teacher Dearest 🙂