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Is Tipping or Not Tipping a Tipping Point?

And no……………….. I am not talking about Malcolm Gladwell’s award winning book The Tipping Point that talks about the tipping point, being that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire, that has dramatically changed the way people worldwide think about business development and idea publishing. I am talking about a different tipping point………….. Last night we went out to dinner at Peppers Restaurant in Westlands Nairobi with a group of guests from China. One of my clients was hosting their publishing partners who had come visiting them as a...

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Acacia Premier – The Epitome of Safety, Comfort and Trust

We had the absolute pleasure of staying at the Acacia Premier – a new 4 star hotel in Kisumu City whose Hospitality is not only worth writing home about, but rivals establishments that have been in the industry for years. Their customer responsiveness was awesome. We had too many delightful experiences to narrate, but the one that blew me away was their response to (what was then) a presumed security breach. On the morning of the second day of our stay, I needed to wear a particular set of earrings and after looking and looking and looking for the...

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Nil By Mouth

Same Brand Disparate and Desperate Service We had such distinctly different experiences at Java Coffee House this past weekend that left us rather perplexed. The Java Coffee House brand has become quite a formidable brand in Kenya in the past few years. It leads the way in brand standardization and providing customers with a similar experience irrespective of the outlet one visits, in terms of menu items, ambiance, service delivery, billing and presentation. Even with the current outlets popping up on the sidewalks and at Petrol stations, the Java experience is just the Java experience and that’s what keeps...

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Little Leaks Doth Big Ships Sink

I was at the Safaricom Care Center at Nakumatt Mega yesterday afternoon to get my SIM card converted into a microSIM. After getting the service rendered, I needed to have the PIN changed to check if it had correctly latched on after insertion. There were four care agents on duty and I dutifully stood in the queue awaiting my turn. A light skinned lady dressed in regular clothes (white, flowered attire) came up to me in the queue and asked “What service are you waiting for?” I looked at her and wondered who she was. But because she didn’t...

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What’s Your Body Saying?

We sat down to a business meeting at a coffee house housed in Thika Road Mall this past Saturday to walk through a project briefing with a client. A waiter came and handed us menus and left. We got down to discussions and it was about an hour later when a different waitress came to our table and enquired whether we had been served. After indicating that we had been there for an hour with no service she said ‘Sorry’ and proceeded to ask after our orders. Being the customer service enthusiast that I am, I couldn’t pass up...

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Welcome to See Service

Carolyne Gathuru

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