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Of Banking Communication and ‘Sharp’ Ears…

My bank recently sent me a notification to let me know that an account that I had with them was declared dormant as there had been no activity on it for the past six months and that to reactivate it, I needed to go into the bank and fill out a form and pay up the reactivation fees. I felt irritation wash over me at this communication and called the help desk where I spoke to a lady who was very quick to let me know that their customer service manager would call me to give me answers.  Given the previous not too pleasant experiences I had gone through with the bank, I politely indicated that I would rather hold and be transferred to the manager as I suspect they may not call me back as promised. After several tries she informed me that the manager would definitely call me. True to form, I received a telephone call a few minutes later from a gentleman who asks for ‘Harriet’. I duly inform him that I am not Harriet and he hangs up surprised. After yet a few more minutes the same gentleman called me and said he is calling from my bank in response to my complaint, upon which I inform him that I am not Harriet and that it is real pity that they do not have the...

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Enemy No. 1

Enemy – Can your customer be your enemy? This question came to mind recently when we had an experience at an up market coffee house in Upperhill one early morning. We had a group breakfast meeting at 7:00am Saturday morning and in good time keeping fashion, my group mate Makena and I arrived at 6:55am and stood in the parking lot catching up. Whilst there, two ladies walked past us, pushed open the swinging doors to the coffee house that were closed, got in and closed the doors behind them. At 7:00am we decided to wait inside the café for the rest of the members. On pushing open the same swinging doors, the two ladies were struggling to open the main door to the café. One looked up, saw us and said in quite a hostile voice “We are NOT open yet”.  No greetings, no acknowledgement, no request to find out what we wanted, just a cold piece of information about their not being open. To which I looked at my watch, pointed to their prominent well branded piece of signage outside the gate and said “Your signage indicates you open from 7:00am and it is 7:00am now?”  The two ladies looked at each other and one asked her colleague in what I can describe as a bothered demeanor “Sasa tutafanya nini?”(Now what are we going to do?) At...

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The Wayward Wandering Teacher

As I put thoughts into words, I think to myself just how many times I have toyed with the idea of documenting my views on matters customer service, branding and communication. Having been in the service industry for many a year I find that I am always on auto pilot, looking at situations, happenings, incidents and interactions through a teacher’s lens. Yes, right in here lives a teacher, seemingly desperate to have her voice heard, much to the chagrin of my family and friends as I swing into ‘lecture’ mode and give that service person, be they in the supermarket, gas station, restaurant, reception desk or on phone, my two cents about their service delivery and what exactly it is they could do to up their game. The same applies when exceptional service is delivered and ‘teacher dearest’ emerges, thankfully this time to acknowledge and say ‘well done!’ to the ‘student’ So to save the people in my life from further mortification, and also to save myself from the possibility of loneliness as my folk disperse faster than tray tossed chaff from wheat at the first signs of Teacher Dearest’s usually spontaneous appearance, this blog is an attempt to reign in that wayward teaching gene and channel her( are genes gender sensitive?)into some structured output. Teacher Dearest...

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Welcome to See Service

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