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Converting Customers into Beggars

Beg, Beggar, Begging……….. The results for a search of the definition of the word to beg, throws us the following synonyms: to – beseech, entreat, implore, adjure, plead with, appeal to, pray to, petition, apply to…. And yes – this was our experience we last Thursday at a newly opened restaurant in Hurlingham Nairobi, where my friend Julie and I went to catch up after a long meeting we’d been at. We were reduced to begging like beggars and begged for an omelette – yes begged – for exactly 30 minutes. Below is exactly what unfolded: We arrived at...

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#SustainingCXExcellence – Balancing Growth and Service Excellence

When the Uber driver arrived at my pick point this afternoon, I had not finished eating the packet of crisps I had just bought. His greeting was not the standard hello or how are you, or good afternoon. No. The first thing he said to me was … “Ni vizuri sana umbeba chakula, si uinpatie tukule na wewe”… “Great that you have carried some food, you can give me some we eat with you” And no, this was not said in jest, he was very serious. He really did expect me to share with him my food. And whereas...

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Unpacking Mahatma’s Unparalleled CX Ideology

Mahatma Gandhi – India’s independence activist and leader, renown for employing nonviolent civil disobedience that led India to independence, and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world; has the timeless and legendary customer service quote popularly attributed to him as having been delivered in a speech in South Africa in 1890. It still remains a customer experience wonder how these words uttered over a century ago not only remain relevant to date, but also form the back bone upon which every enterprise big or small, start up or established, individual or jointly owned, should focus their...

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Customer Service Excellence – To script or not to script that is the question…..

We’ve all experienced the eye-rolling fatigue that engulfs us when we dial in to a help desk or sit down at a restaurant and the service provider belts out the same tired old lines that have been hardwired in their internal systems making them robotic. Plastic enunciation of words, plastic smile and plastic tone of voice that is as discernable in person as it is on the phone. “What would you like to drink Meeehhmmm(Ma’am)”, “Thanks for calling XYZ we’re happy to be of service to you” or the old and tired disembarking script “Thank you for flying with...

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Welcome to See Service

Carolyne Gathuru

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